Asset protection

Behind any business enterprise, no matter how big, there is always a human being. In most cases, there is a family and a concern about how to protect collected property and safeguard it for the benefit of the family and the next generations. Often there is a desire to prepare the property to be passed to the descendants by a way of inheritance in a regulated and organized manner. We understand these needs and for years advise our clients on these delicate issues. Our services in this field encompass:

  • analysis of the legal situation of the client (family relations, property, taxation) before recommending an adequate solution,
  • setting up legal vehicles like trusts, private foundations, companies
  • holding a position of protector, advisor, supervisory board member in above mentioned legal vehicles
  • drafting by-laws, regulations, statutes and articles of associations
  • legal and tax advisory on setting up of a corporate holding structure for the family-owned assets